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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jan 13, 2022

>>PART 1 of our #PursuetheImpossible Series<<

Today is all about going high-level, answering the question: how can I achieve success in my business, as a Christian woman.

It's NOT working harder. Or longer.
It's NOT 'copy & paste' what you see others doing.

The quickest & easiest path to success is simply this: live your faith.  To the Nth degree.  Today, and always.

Stop working SO long and hard, relying on your own strength.
Stop trying to figure things out, relying on your brain alone.
Stop hiring coaches & mentors who aren't followers of Christ.

Stop worrying about the HOW.
Stop stressing about the timing of things.
Stop doubting yourself and what you can do.

Instead of taking big scary leaps of faith - stretching ourselves to step into what God told us to do - too many doubt & fear.

And so....

-In fear, we water down our message (His message to the world through us)
-In fear, we say: “I’m not feelin’ it today….there’s always tomorrow"
-In fear, we don’t walk our faith walk.


When we do, regrettably, the enemy wins.
And the world loses.  We lose.  And our would-be clients lose.


Simply because our faith waffled. We didn’t believe. We chose fear over faith.

And that’s the really convicting part of ALL of this ladies:  it IS a choice.


Listen & be inspired and encouraged to fully embrace who you are in Christ.

Success IS yours...receive that.


JOIN ME NEXT WEEK for Part 2, when I share a practical framework for choosing faith over fear, every time!


(Scale Your Business in 3 Simple Steps)



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