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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs (formerly She is Extraordinary)

Jan 16, 2022

Meet Casleah Herwaldt. Woman of Faith. Healthcare professional turned influencer and entrepreneur.  Featured in Oprah Daily, HuffPost, the LA Times and various wine-industry publications.

A certified sommelier, wine expert and blogger, Casleah is the owner of By the Stem Tastings, blessed to include Google, SnapChat and...

Jan 13, 2022

>>PART 1 of our #PursuetheImpossible Series<<

Today is all about going high-level, answering the question: how can I achieve success in my business, as a Christian woman.

It's NOT working harder. Or longer.
It's NOT 'copy & paste' what you see others doing.

The quickest & easiest path to success is simply this:...

Jan 10, 2022

If you have a podcast – or are thinking about starting one - today’s episode is for you!. 

Meet Annemarie Cross, Founder of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network known in the industry as the Podcasting Queen. An award-winning podcast host, recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space. 

Over the last 13...

Jan 6, 2022

Hate sales? Think it's selfish, or evil?

That's because you don't know what sales really is.

Listen to experience a mindset shift that will allow you to easily double or triple your revenue in 2022.

Inside I share 3 sales truths, from a decidedly Biblical perspective.

>> After listening, DM me (@judyweberco on all...

Jan 4, 2022

Welcome to 2022!

This episode is all about the concept of readiness: getting ready, being ready and taking massive action upon deciding to take a leap of faith. (Oh the power of decision!)


-You'll leave with greater awareness around whether 'getting ready' may be a stumbling block for you (and may not even...