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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Nov 28, 2021

Meet MiMi Dabo. Highly educated (MBA, CPA, JD) Sister in Christ. Known as the High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Female Coaches with Kids.  Money Mindset Expert.

An accountant and experienced litigator, MiMi left private practice to pursue her passion to help women be leaders that unapologetically own their value, lead with authenticity & share their God-given gifts with the world.

In this episode, MiMi shares:

- How her journey led me to her work as a business coach.
- Why she is committed to helping women and children (& teach kids to grow their relationship with Jesus)
- The impact her faith has made in her life + business (& how God is in the details)
- Her morning routine; &
- The 1 question she asks herself every day.

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