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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Feb 28, 2020

Ready to hear me coach LIVE on air?

Today I'm talking with Meredith Duke, a 6-figure real estate agent looking to take her biz to the next level, with a 2020 goal of $10M in sales.

Meredith was already doing a lot right; but sometimes it's the minor tweaks that can move the needle in your business in a big way!

Listen as I share a powerful tip to increase your social media reach by the 100s in a 24 hour period following a housewarming party. I also talk about how to optimize your Open House efforts, to make sure you get more prospective clients through the door.  Finally, I offer a proven method to truly 'own' any neighborhood you've chosen to farm, including your own!

Everything we talk about is low cost (even potentially no cost, if you collaborate with other business owners). 

And these principles can be applied to businesses outside of real estate.

Grab a pen & paper to take notes.  And, most importantly, apply these strategies to your business.