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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jul 30, 2021

Sisters, this bonus episode is made just for you!

I'm calling out some of the biggest mistakes I see too many women make.  And these mistakes are costing you money. And time.

It's time to say 'no more'. And do things differently.

In this episode you'll learn:
- the biggest 'miss' entrepreneurs make around their offers
- what makes an offer truly in-demand (not to mention profitable)
- questions to ask yourself to identify YOUR high-end offer
- the steps to curating that offer (from idea to deliverables to powerful transformation)
- pricing strategies & positioning (can't have one without the other)

And an exciting opportunity: to learn more about my beta 'Packaging, Pricing & Messaging Intensive' text the word 'offer' to (610) 324-5240. 

IMPORTANT: serious go-getter women of faith only! (no hobbyists or tire kickers)