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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jun 22, 2021

Meet Kim Edwards. Ardent follower of Christ. Wife & Mom. Jewelry designer. Founder, JKCE Designs, Thriving CEO.

You'll hear the beautiful story of how Kim's jewelry business began (with an intentional focus on Jesus). And how the Lord took that 'small beginning' (Zech. 4:10) into a booming, well respected online jewelry company, poised to enter the retail market.

I always say 'you can see a success from a mile away because she's determined, resourceful and is always learning' and that's exactly what Kim has done.  From learning SEO and applying what she's learned. To seeking out ad experts and resources to ensure a positive ROI.

If you've a creative and have thought about starting an e-commerce business or store (whether on Etsy, Shopify or elsewhere), this episode is a must-listen for you!

To find out more about JKCE designs visit: