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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

May 4, 2023

Business does NOT have to be complicated.
And it doesn't have to take years to hit 6 figures (or even 7).

But building a business does take focused effort.

Along the way, there will be times when it will feel like 'nothing is working'. And that's ok, that's just part of the entrepreneurial journey everyone goes through on their way to success.


Inside this episode, you get a sneak peek into my Joyful 6 Figures Accelerator (the LIFETIME container for ambitious women of faith building their business to their first $100K).  


This is an excerpt from a training inside the Accelerator (where I share the truth about what to expect on your way to consistent $10K+ months).

In addition to laying out each of the 7 phases, I provide examples (so you can identify which phase YOU are in).

BTW: I'd love if you would email me YOUR current phase:


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