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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jul 20, 2021

Welcome to this BONUS episode, following up on a concept I spoke about in Ep. 155: that real life (or business) change comes only as a result of what you believe, not what you think. 

Conventional wisdom teaches that a person’s thoughts produce feelings, that lead to actions which, ultimately, produce results.  In other words, the idea is: change your thought, change your results.

I strongly disagree!

Thoughts are not the starting point for our actions.  Our beliefs are. 

Indeed, it's our beliefs that fuel our thoughts, so without a change in our belief system, there can be no real change.

Here's a ready example that proves my point: how many women do you know (maybe yourself) who have recited 'I am worthy' affirmations til they're blue in the face and yet they still feel less than. 

Listen as I explain that feel-good affirmations are powerless to change the way we think.  Instead when we, as Christians, stand firm on true substance - the Truth in God's holy Word  (ie, who God says we are) - that's when our thoughts will change. And our actions will, in turn, change as well. 

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