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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Dec 31, 2022

NOW is the time to plan your BEST year yet....2023 business planning to scale to 7 figures!

Listen as I reveal the framework my clients use to strategically map out the quickest, most streamlined path toward exponential growth in your business (no matter where you are right now).

Inside you'll learn:
- the most important questions to ask yourself that will determine the quality of your life
- the simple formula to create a sophisticatedly simple business that scales (without overworking or overspending)
- the math behind reaching 7-figures (choose the revenue model that best suits you)
- the Joyful Scaling™ Method to take your business to that next level, with simplicity

STAY TIL THE END TO RECEIVE.... 20-page 'Scaling Guide' (absolutely free)


This is the exclusive room where your faith is strengthened in unfathomable ways.

High end. High touch. High support.

In service to our most High God.

The ONLY container of its kind, serving women unapologetically on mission to pursue their purpose as they live the extraordinary.

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