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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Oct 13, 2022

Your best clients are looking for you, today!
They WANT what you've got.
So the question becomes: can they find you?
And, when they do, is it clear that you are EXACTLY what they've been looking for? That you've got what they need?
Oh this episode is chock full of marketing + sales wisdom (so be sure to take notes!:)
Inside I lay out the 4 things you need to sign clients this week. #simplicityisabeautifulthing
And if sales feels 'icky' to you, you will absotively loveeeeee the shift in perspective to get you from that place to one of excitement, enthusiasm & boldness!
>> Will you apply what you learn today? 
>> Will you reach out to those that fit your 'best client' characteristics for a conversation?  If so, how many?
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