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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

May 23, 2022

Your personal style (& wardrobe) is an integral part of your business strategy.  How much thought have YOU given to this aspect of your business?  

Meet Nicole Otchy.  Personal stylist and branding consultant. She works with ambitious women, helping them uncover and refine their brand, using their personal style . Allowing them to step fully into their visibility (so they can do the work they are uniquely meant to do in the world).


Nicole is the host of the Self-Styled Podcast and a momma of a super sweet little under 1.  Get ready to learn how to discover YOUR style & leverage it to increase your visibility.


Listen to learn:

  • Why entrepreneurs need to think of their wardrobe as a part of their business strategy?

  • How mindset impacts not only your style but the way you show up in the world

  • Why it's a costly mistake to NOT prioritize how you dress until your most visible moments (photo shoot, TV appearance, etc.) and what to do instead

  • The too-often overlooked connection between how we approach our wardrobe & how we approach our visibility. 

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