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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Apr 20, 2022

I love smart women. Driven women. Women on fire for the Lord and serving Him through their work. 

As a trial lawyer and a c-suite executive I've seen things that shocked me.  I tried to stand against what I felt was wrong...until one day I said: 'I'm done. There's got to be more for me to do and others to help than THIS.'


Sweet friend, if you're in a job you dread going to, this episode is for YOU!  Trust me, there is life after corporate (and, perhaps, that life involves entrepreneurship:)


Meet Deb Boulanger. CEO of The Great Do-Over, Founder of The Launch Lab (for women entrepreneurs) and the host of the Life After Corporate podcast. She helps smart, accomplished women leaders make the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship.  


Listen in as Deb & I discuss:

-Deb's fascinating story from corporate to entrepreneurship

-The false sense of security a corporate job brings (and the freedom & flexibility that's truly possible as an entrepreneur)

-The phenomenon we see that accomplished women fail to see how far they've come and acknowledge their vast experience, which makes the thought of entrepreneurship a scary proposition

-The importance of faith in business (it's actually a vital component)


You will walk away from this conversation feeling inspired to DECIDE what path your future will take.

The choice is absolutely yours.

>>Find out more about Deb: 

>> Wanna make your Corporate Exit Plan? (or DM me on all social platforms at: @judyweberco)