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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Feb 19, 2022

What's on your visibility wishlist?

A Forbes feature?
A spot on local (or even national) TV?
A guest spot on your favorite podcast? (maybe this one...?:)


Get ready to be inspired to make 'big asks' - and hear lots of YESes in response!


Today I'm joined by Stephanie Burns, Founder of The Wyld Agency, an amplification and visibility agency focused on building the legacy & personal brands of company founders.


Stephanie is also a contributor to ForbesWomen, Entrepreneur and Today and has been featured in notable press outlets like: Inc. Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, New York Times, to name just a few.


Listen to this episode to learn: 

- the real-life story of how Stephanie & her business partner launched their business with mega success (so inspirational...I'm gonna try it; how 'bout you?)

- what are "Unreasonable Requests" (something Stephanie mastered that allowed her to ask for - and get - some amazing things to move her life and business forward)

- the first step to asking for big audacious things (hint: it starts with knowing your value)

- getting comfortable being uncomfortable, to be emboldened to make 'the ask' (Stephanie gives examples for where to start)

- a powerful way to overcome the fear of rejection (use this approach to eliminate fear altogether)


Learn more about Stephanie: 



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