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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jan 10, 2020

Meet extraordinary woman of God, Kaitlyn Parker.  She's the Founder & Owner of CopyUncorked, a copywriting & brand strategy studio (working with modern brands and creative entrepreneurs).

On this episode, you'll hear of Kaitlyn's battle with depression, anxiety & disordered eating during her college years.  And how that time in her life drew her closer to Christ, growing her faith & trust in Him. 

Listen as Kaitlyn shares 3 tips to make your writing more compelling (including an example or two).  You'll also learn why it's important to identify who your ideal client is & how to do just that.  Kaitlyn also talks about the importance branding plays in building your business (both in words & visuals). 

Finally, as one of the Thriver Experts in my 'Blessed to Thrive' Entrepreneurial Coaching & Mentorship Program, Kaitlyn gives a sneak peek into her 7-lesson module inside the Program (including best practices, copywriting formulas & brand storytelling). 

Gain clarity in your messaging while being inspired by a sister in Christ with a passion for words & compassion for people.