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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Oct 26, 2021

Meet Molly Dare Hillenbrand. Entrepreneur, PR maven, and media personality. Founder of hillenBRAND Media, producing the stories & interviews of today's inspiring entrepreneurs and public figures. Creator & Host of the On Air with Molly Dare Podcast. Single mom to 2 beautiful daughters.


In this episode, Molly drops soooo many beautiful, golden nuggets of truth for all of us to absorb. And live out. Words of encouragement, backed by personal experience & a sincere heart to cheer pm others.


Listen to hear Molly's take on the resilience it takes to succeed as a female founder and small business owner. And she introduces a fresh perspective to take on fear - and actually use it to your advantage!


You'll love her story referencing Wonder Woman. (Don't YOU feel like that when you rise up and confidently make that presentation or win that big client or step confidently into your CEO role?)


You'll also find out what an Aggressive Liker is (pssssttt, it's a GOOD thing, something we should all aspire to be as it shows our sincere concern, support & love for others)


Find out more about Molly at: (check out her new super cute)

Follow her on IG at: @mollydare and @hillendbrandmedia and @onairwithmollydare.



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