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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Sep 26, 2021

Meet Susan Gygax. Talent acquisition expert. Founder of Spectacle Talent Partners. Hiring strategist for online business owners. 

If you're at 6 figures in your business and have hit a plateau, you know you need help.  You simply can NOT scale your business alone.

If that's you, this episode was tailor-made for you!

Listen to learn:
- how you know you're ready to hire an employee
- the pros & cons of hiring a contractor v. an employee
- how to ensure a good ROI when you hire

Sue explains why you can't let fear make the decision - as to whether to grow your team - for you.

She also shares an ingenious analogy, comparing a highly effective hiring strategy to party planning (you're gonna love this!)

To find out more about Sue and her company's services for go-getter successful entrepreneurs looking to build their dream team, visit: (be sure to check out her Blog & her informative show called: Pass It On!)

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