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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Aug 27, 2021

Breaking News! You are NOT Wonder Woman (it's time to stop acting like her)

As humans, we need rest - yes, even in the midst of our (super busy) workday.
In this training, you'll learn:
- why rest is vital for your success, in life + in business
- 3 ways to incorporate rest in your workday
- go-to Bible verses about the all-important issue of rest
Learning is great, implementation is better.  Tell me: what's your biggest takeaway and what action will you take today to intentionally incorporate rest into your workday?
Let's Strategize @ Your Biz: My calling (and joy) is connecting with truly committed, high achieving women of faith to learn about them and their business. Helping them scale their business with strategy, systems & simplicity.
If that's you, grab a 100 pitch-free Strategy Session w/ Me: