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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jun 28, 2022

Meet Violet Rainwater.  Lover of Christ. Motivational business speaker. Corporate sales trainer and speaker.  On mission to help & encourage others to heal.

From growing up in poverty in Russia to becoming a modern-day rainmaker, Violet brings a powerful framework for operating at our highest level - at work and in business - through all seasons.


Today's episode is all about what our businesses can look like - when we do the deep inner work.


Listen to hear:

- Violet's powerful (and all-too-familiar) story of earning big money ($500K) yet still feeling 'not enough'
- Her healing journey: consisting of slowing down (something that doesn't come naturally to Type As) such as: taking naps, walks, taking time to just 'be'
- Daily prayer & reflection (v. running on anxiety, pushing yourself)
- The importance of incorporate practices - for ourselves (to combat the lies we've lived with for years.
- Violet's 'One Year Later' framework (and how YOU can use it to move you forward).


During our conversation, I talk about my recent awareness of how I (really) think about's NOT a pretty picture!


My prayer is that this episode would awaken your awareness to the lies you believe so that you can begin to replace those lies with God's Truth.  And heal.


So that you can KNOW that you ARE enough!


>> Learn more about Violet: