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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Apr 19, 2024

Have you been told you've got a lot of potential?

Do you consider yourself a worker-bee (and wear busyness and productivity as a badge of honor)?

Do you find it hard to find time to be still before the Lord?

If you answered yes, THIS episode is for you!

Our special guest today, Trish Blackwell, is an expert at empowering people to get past self-doubt, overcome limiting beliefs and perform at their highest levels. 

Confidence coach to Olympic and professional athletes, Ironman champions, CEOs & high-achieving entrepreneurs, she has been featured by major media and recognized by Elite Daily one of the top confidence coaches in the world. 

Her approach to confidence has equipped and empowered an audience of over 5.5 million people worldwide through her top-ranked podcast The Confidence Podcast, books & coaching services.


Listen for countless of golden nuggets as Trish and I discuss:

-how to take thoughts captive, 
-how to change our inner self-talk and
-how to trust God's provision in business growth.

PLUS Trish shares her unique method for approaching mindset and thought work - a very practical yet powerful methodology that you can begin to implement ASAP, to see dramatically different results - in both your business and your life!

Download Trish's 3|3|3 Method (a 3-minute tool to help high achievers reduce anxiety and pressure that they put on themselves,while increasing productivity and focus)


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