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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jan 17, 2024

If you’re like too many entrepreneurs out there, your launches are exhausting, disappointing and feeling more like a drain on your business than a converting event (bringing new clients in the door)!
Add to that the ever-shifting marketplace and economy and you may begin to feel helpless as you ask yourself: what am I doing wrong.
In this training, I’m revealing the ONE thing you must get right to ensure a profitable launch this year!
PLUS, listen as I address:
-the definition of a launch (there's often confusion around this)
-why courses are NOT where I suggest those in the early stages of business begin (and where you SHOULD start)
-how building your business on simplicity will put you on the fast-track to growth
-the questions to ask yourself as you determine your true 'best client'.
If you’re not inside my Joyful 6 Figures Accelerator and you’re interested in learning more about this container - exclusively for high achieving, super ambitious Christian women with service based businesses, ready to hit their first $100K - DM me (@judyweberco) on IG, FB or LI.  I'll get all the details to you ASAP.
It's time for YOU to experience 5 and 6 figure launches.
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