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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

May 24, 2023

Our beliefs around money are the result of what we've learned since childhood.  What we personally experienced over the years. And what we heard from the pulpit.

Being raised poor, I developed opinions about money, rich people and these opinions (and thoughts) held me back, especially as an entrepreneur feeling called to make a BIG impact on the world.

My intention for this episode is two-fold:

- First, to create awareness for you around YOUR money beliefs, money story and money blocks; and 
- Second, to offer a new habit that would allow you to proactively choose faith over fear to (finally!) overcome every stronghold around the subject of money.

Listen as I open with a fresh perspective on money. A different way to look at it.  What money truly is.

Then, as I contrast the thoughts/beliefs of a faith-fueled CEO with a fear-based hobbyist/struggling entrepreneur, identify which side you tend to agree with most often. 

BEWARE: Do NOT allow yourself to feel guilt or shame; those feelings are of the enemy.  Reject them out of hand. 

May this serve as a turning point.  When money no longer is viewed as evil, in and of itself.....

.... so that you can step more fully into your identity as a faith-fueled CEO.




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