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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Oct 25, 2020

Meet Julie Contreras. Wife of 15 years. Momma to 5 (yes 5!) daughters. Experienced Home School Expert turned Home School Coach.

You're gonna love this episode & fall in love with Julie!  A strong woman of the Lord.  A brand spankin' new coach....

...who just got her 1st paying client within weeks of joining Blessed to Thrive Academy.

Listen as she shares her experience inside the Academy, including the clarity Julie's gotten around her business (and her huge 'breakthrough' moment while on the 'hot seat' with our amazing Publicity Thriver Expert).

Julie shares how she's made life-long connections with other ladies inside, clearly showing God's hand in all of it.  As she puts it, the Academy has given her confidence as a business owner & freedom in her busy life. 

Doors Open! Find out more: