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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Sep 15, 2022


It’s what we want. For ourselves. For our clients.

In business, success is measured in results:

- the results your CLIENTS achieve through working with you; &
- the results YOU achieve

In each case, both tangible + intangible results...

-What if…those results were 100% your responsibility?

-What if…those results were within YOUR control (even the results of your clients)?

(Spoiler alert: they ARE!)

Watch as I discuss:
- exactly WHO is responsible for your clients’ results

- the 3 levels of thinking about client results

- the questions to ask yourself in order to (possibly) include a guarantee as a part of your offer

I put my $ where my mouth is…as a guarantee comes with each of my offers! (listen to hear more)

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