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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Aug 30, 2022

Whether business is booming (but you'd love to scale higher) OR revenue is not consistent (& you're working to make your 1st $100K), this episode if for you!


FACT: the success of your business hinges on you getting your messaging right

(read that again; let it sink in)


In this episode, I share everything you need to know about messaging to dramatically increase not only the quantity - but the QUALITY - of leads into your business. 

Listen as I talk about:

-What messaging is & why it’s so important (including statistics that prove time you spend curating your messaging WILL be time well spent) (1:56)

-What makes your messaging 'right' (not at ALL 'cookie cutter', we're talkin' creativity all the way) (9:21); 

-Questions to ask (to help you dial-in your messaging) (21:29)

-Unconventional (& awesome) alternatives to the usual 'elevator speech,' 'value proposition' & 'I help' statements (31:33).


PLUS along the way I give you examples (to deepen your understanding of what it really takes to get your messaging right).


Implement what you learn inside & you'll see dramatic results.  I promise!


>>DOWNLOAD the ULTIMATE SCALING GUIDE (4 Proven Strategies for Exponential Growth):