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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jun 23, 2022

First of all, listen as I share the success story of my client Danielle: she made more money in June (with a week to go in the month) than she made in all of 2021!!


Listen to learn what SHE said made all the difference.


In today's training, I break down the important differences between the 2 business models for service-based businesses: the Empire and the Boutique.

You'll learn:
-what the Empire model looks like and the pros v. cons
-what the Boutique model looks like and the pros v. cons (ie, what I call a 'sophisticatedly simple' business model)
-why I chose the Boutique model (and why that's my go-to model for most of my clients)
-real examples of revenue v. profit under BOTH scenarios (spoiler alert: while the Empire generated more revenue, the profits were virtually identical)
-real examples of the number of qualified LEADS required under each model

Either model works.  It's about how you want to run your business.  Remember YOU get to choose!

>>Apply for a spot on my July calendar for a complimentary Scaling Strategy Session with me, where we’ll map out how YOU can finish 2022 stronger than ever (whether empire OR boutique business mode):