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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Oct 19, 2021

Meet Haley Williams. First & foremost, a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wife & mother. Owner of H. Williams Creative, a web & brand design firm. Host of the Kindled podcast, speaking truth and grace with boldness on cultural, theological and political issues from a decidedly Biblical worldview.

My kinda girl!

Such a great conversation, tackling the hard issues of this topsy-turvy world we find ourselves in (where the world calls 'wrong' 'right' and where 'lies' are deemed to be 'truth').

You'll be inspired by Haley's unapologetic stance on clearly controversial issues. Boldly speaking God's Truth, but always with love + grace.

Some of the things we talked about:

-the spiritual battle going on in the world and in our own backyards
-how do we know when to speak (versus staying silent)?
-when does silence become complacency?
-why we must not shy away from 'hard' and controversial topics but, rather, engage (& be a part of the conversation), speaking God's wisdom from a place of grace.

May this episode be, above all, pleasing to the Lord God.  And may it spur you on to remain ever-steadfast in walking in your faith, loving others and speaking the truth with grace.

Find out more about Haley and her Kindled podcast: @haley.kindled

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