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Joyful Business for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Mar 10, 2020

Meet Tina Torres, The Gratitude Specialist.  Connections & Networking Expert. Positive, always smiling Christian Fempreneur.

...until a season of loss.  Listen as she shares how she battled depression with journaling, focusing on the things she was grateful to the Lord God for.

As she continued in her newfound habit, Tina found renewed hope.  And her life's purpose!  Helping others through life's difficult circumstances, pointing to the Truth of Scripture.

Plus Tina shares her best tips for making real connections.  And how to network to build lasting relationships (even as an introvert). 

Relationships are the very core of business.  This episode will empower you with the right mindset & offers most effective strategies to make your networking activities as fruitful as possible.