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Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs & Entrepreneurs with Judy Weber

Jan 2, 2020

Meet Mimi Nartey: wife, mom, women's empowerment scholar, former pro soccer player, author, TEDx speaker, educator, researcher & social entrepreneur!  She describes herself as having a tender heart and a thick skin (a beautiful picture of a woman's love & empathy towards her family as well as her courage & strength in pursuing a business).

Mimi shares how her deep personal relationship with God sustains her.  Her perspective has always been positive & optimistic.  Even as a young girl in rural Illinois, when she was the only African American girl in her school district, she embraced her uniqueness (rather than begrudge being different). 

With respect to the 'mommy juggle,' she credits the intentionality with which she and her husband Kofi approach parenting & their busy schedules.  Besides regular date nights, they periodically get away for 'board meetings' to discuss their children, long-term family goals & progress on individual projects.

Listen as Mimi explains the 3 things she believes are essential to creating the best (albeit imperfect) work-life balance (I personally LOVE how Mimi is able to assess whether her values are reflected in her calendar at a glance....I think you'll love it too!).

This episode is sure to inspire. Enjoy!